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As you noticed, our “Welcome page" has several categories; I’ll try and tell you a little about these.

But First, The Company: Dodson Branch Graphics is located in Jackson County, (middle) Tennessee just north of Cookeville. My wife Marcia and I started this small business in 2005. Prior to this I freelanced by helping Graphic Artists and Designers with layout and preparation for publication.  For other work I used my skills in Photoshop ® to restore some priceless photographs and to help other photographers make their work look better.  “Click here” for a couple of examples.  

My passion has always been photography, that paired with my graphics experience, ongoing learning from Ben Wilmore, the enthusiasm of our sales staff headed up by Sam Petty who takes time out of his busy schedule of selling real estate and being a full time pharmacist and my best friend Henry (Buddy) Retter who taught me a lot about making a web site. Their influence made this enterprise both fun and successful.

Graphic Design: We can help you get the graphics ready for your ad, whether it’s for a newspaper, magazine, brochure, flyer, business card or the web. I really can’t show you what I’ve done for others on this site due to copyright infringement, but I’d be glad to show you in person or point you to client Web Pages. 

Nashville Collection: You guessed it, pictures of Nashville! But these are a little different. What you see here as well as other places on this site are actual photographs using a technique called High Dynamic Range imaging or “HDR”. As you will see, this process brings out a greater range of shadows and highlights than would normally be visible with conventional Digital Photography. This process requires several different exposures and if possible, a non- moving subject.

New Additions: This is where recent pictures stay until folks get a chance to review them, if they survive, they are then moved to the appropriate category.

People: We offer conventional photography services such as weddings, family events and sporting activities, as well as photo processing using a proprietary filter, giving these photos a unique characteristic of their own.

Purchase: To purchase our products or services "Click here"

Requests: Please contact us if you would like a high quality "HDR" photograph of your car, house, motorcycle, tractor etc. contact us for a quote. We can photograph school and other activities and turn them into a work of art (Great for fundraiser's).

Sports: A combination of HDR (non-moving) and Photo Art (people and things in motion).

HDR Gallery: This is the main page for things “HDR” So far we have captured a small portion of the Middle Tennessee region.

Tom Glynn, Photographer

The "HDR" and Photo Art images on this site are primarily for display so vendors and the general public may have multiple subjects to choose from. If you wish to make a retail purchase we will be happy to direct you to a local merchant. If you are a merchant and would like to carry our product please contact us.

warblerPlease visit our friends at “The Woodbury Warbler” Cannon and surrounding County’s Premiere Classifieds Web site. Buy, sell or trade your items for free.

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